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The problem

Where walls have been subjected to rising dampness it is important that the problem of salts is addressed for any curative treatment to be satisfactory. This normally means removing the contaminated plaster. Ideally this should be delayed for as long as possible after the installation of the new damp proof course so that any residual salts that have accumulated at the drying surface during the initial drying period could be eliminated at the same time.
It is usually estimated that masonry will dry at the rate of 25mm per month, therefore a 225mm 9” solid wall would be expected to dry out over a period of approximately nine months after installation has been completed. However, in reality, this is rarely possible. Only on a few occasions would such a delay be acceptable but rapid drying out with the help of dehumidifiers would accelerate the process.

Why replaster?

The purpose of replastering is twofold:
(a) to replace the contaminated plaster.
(b) to provide a barrier to any residual dampness and hygroscopic salts, preventing
re-contaminating the newly plaster surfaces.

How we can help

To prevent future problems, we carry out specialist replastering using correct formulations and professional application by our own staff to a very high standard. It is also important that the extent of the replastering is sufficient to prevent further damp problems arising.
Our specialist replastering service will ensure that where plaster has to be renewed because of contamination with hygroscopic salts, a special salt retardant additive is used to hold back any residual salts while allowing the passage of water vapour.

For your peace of mind, all our Active Damp Proof Course Systems have an underwritten guarantee on all replastering work we carry out.

Need Specialist Re-plastering? Call Trinity Now on 01502 470022 or 07769 644200.

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